Workers’ Compensation Reform

Hurt on the Job?

Will Workers Comp Help YOU?


Workers’ Compensation:

  • Founded in the early 1900s, this program should protect workers who are hurt on the job.
  • Every state has laws that require employers (usually through insurance companies) to pay workers’ medical bills and some of their lost wages.
  • The requirements vary by state, and a recent trend has seen states attacking workers’ rights for compensation.


 The worker is not well represented when injured.

  • Treatment is often delayed while waiting for the employer to designate someone to treat.
  • The worker must hire an attorney and wait months to get to a hearing before treatment is initiated.
  • The delay in care may result in worse injury outcomes, more time off work, more litigation, and more cost to the employer/insurance carrier.
  • The delay in care frequently results in more permanent injuries.

Compensation does not reflect severity of the loss

  • Loss of limbs and other body parts are lifelong injuries.
  • Compensation for loss varies from state to state.

The review of workers comp cases is stacked against workers

  • The seven-member nominating committee that selects judges is made up of groups that oppose worker rights.
  • Only two panel members are likely to support workers.

 Many employees don’t report injuries.

  • They believe the system is against them.
  • Workers have seen co-workers that have to fight to get care and don’t want to deal with the process.

Some employees are harmed by the workers’ comp process.

  • Some receive poor medical care from insurance carrier doctors.
  • Treatment is delayed, causing additional health problems.
  • Loss of financial security may occur, causing stress personally and within a family.
  • Payments are delayed, causing further financial problems.
  • Treatment is delayed due to the “prevailing factor” argument.
  • Treatment may be denied because a person is too old.
  • Inadequate recovery time is provided for serious injury.

The workers’ comp statute should be revised.

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