Why Wont Chairman Mason Do His Job?

Kansas wages continue to be stagnant and falling behind comparable jobs in other states. Kanas workers, injured on the job through no fault of their own, are trapped in a work comp system that fails to justly recognize the extent of their injuries. Currently, there are bills in the Kansas House Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee, HB 2059 & HB 2185, that will address these issues, albeit in a modest way, for working families. However, the chairman of the committee refuses to allow an up or down vote on these bills. Instead, he is intent on ignoring Kansas working families at the behest of his special interest donors.  Call or email Rep. Mason today and ask him to allow an up or down vote on these important bills. Kansas working families certainly deserve that much.

Phone: 785-296-7640

Email: les.mason@house.ks.gov


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